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Exploring Careers

Taking the time to research different careers will enable you to make better decisions when applying to internship or job opportunities.  It is important to utilize alumni, professors, family members, and friends in discovering careers and what they entail.  Alumni Career Services can help you assess your skills and interests, pinpoint careers, and give you additional resources to learn more.

Getting Started

Self Assessment

Understanding your own skills, interests, values, and personality is the first step toward satisfying work.  Through a careful self-assessment, you can begin to identify careers and industries to explore.  Developing your self-awareness can be as formal as taking a personality or interest inventory or as informal as participation in volunteer work to explore a new interest.

People who are in satisfying careers that match their talents, personalities and goals usually achieve a higher level of success, and lead healthier and more satisfying lives.  Here are some suggestions that will help you learn more about yourself and begin to link this knowledge to possible career paths.

  • Meet with a Career Advisor to discuss careers that interest you, to reflect on your skills, to discern your ideal work environments, and to consider which rewards are most important to you in a job.
  • Inquire about the Strong Inventory or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), two assessments offered by Alumni Career Services.

Other Assessment Resources

Research - Exploring Careers & Employers

After learning more about yourself, you’re better prepared to explore careers and how they match your specific interests, skills, values, and personality. To determine which career fields may be a good fit, you must do your homework. This involves researching the workplace – specifically, the knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and work values that are associated with various jobs.

Vary your research methods: read about careers, talk to people in jobs and industries that appeal to you, and gain hands-on experience to explore at a deeper level. A thorough and varied exploration will offer you the following rewards: a clearer focus for your career-decision making, a more targeted and manageable job search, rich information to leverage in cover letters and interviews, and finally - work that you love. You can get started with the following resources:

  • CareerSearch - this database of over 4 million firms is searchable by location, industry, keyword, and is an excellent tool for developing your target list of employers. Log into the Tufts Career Advisory Network (Tufts CAN) and select "Other Alumni Career Resources" on the left sidebar to access.
  • "What Can I Do With This Major?" is a tool that will help you connect your major with possible careers.  It lists areas you may wish to pursue along with employers and strategies to land a job in that field.
  • Riley Guide - employment opportunities and job resources on the Internet
  • WetFeet - provides profiles of companies, careers, and industries
  • Trade and Business press articles - full text articles available through the Online Community Library Databases
  • Professional and Trade Associations - The ASAE as an excellent searchable database
  • Careers A-Z (below) - Recommended links for researching careers & job listings by career field

Careers A-Z

Below are the recommended sites for researching careers and finding links to internships and job listings by career field.  Some links also contain related career resources for the particular field. 

Not finding the field you're looking for? Let us know and we can research it for you!



Tufts Career Advisory Network (Tufts CAN)

The Tufts Career Advisory Network (Tufts CAN) is a great resource for you to use to talk to alumni about their careers. Search a database of more than 9,000 alumni for information about majors, careers, employers, and graduate degrees.


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