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Preparing for the Academic Job Market

Tufts Career Center supports graduate students pursuing careers in the private, nonprofit, and government sectors.  For those preparing for faculty positions, we recommend that you work with your advisors.  To supplement your search,  we offer the following resources:

Starting Your Search

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

Academic Job Search Guides from Various Sources

General Resources

Market Changes, The Chronicle of Higher Education:
Get an expansive view of the academic job market in this article by Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong. The authors chronicle the changes in the academic hiring process since the publication of The Academic Job Search Handbook in 1992 by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Vick and Furlong, who updated the Handbook in 2008, also manage the Chronicle's online Career Network, offering advice and first-person essays written by, and for, academics.

Preparing for the Academic Job Market, Brown University: Comprehensive resources addressing all aspects of the academic job search, including teaching philosophy, teaching portfolio, CVs and cover letters, interview preparation, and job offers.  Additional advice on preparing for your first year as a faculty member.

Preparing for the Academic Job Market The Academic Job Search, Stanford University: This Career Guide covers all aspects of the academic search.

Center for Career Education, Columbia University: Overview of academic job search, including timeline. 

Print Resources
.Vick, J. M., & Furlong, J. S. (2008). The academic job search handbook (4th ed.). Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press.

Rebecca Anthony & Gerald Roe, The Curriculum Vitae Handbook: How to Present and Promote Your Academic Career (Rudi Publishing, 1998

Acy L. Jackson and Kathleen Geckeis, How to Prepare Your Curriculum Vitae (McGraw Hill, 2003)

Creating CVs & Cover Letters

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Writing a Research Statement

Preparing a Teaching Portfolio

Preparing for Interviews

The Chronicle of Higher Education offers valuable advice for the academic job seeker. In particular, the following articles provide useful information. Some pieces are dated, yet still relevant. Others address the changes in search brought about by technology.

  • "A New View on Interviews", Peter S. Cahn
  • "The Job Interview", Dennis Baron
  • "The Campus Visit", Dennis Baron
  • "Interviewing Before You're Invited to Campus", Mary Morris Heiberger and Julie Miller Vick
  • "The Interview Circuit", Charles St. Clair
  • "Asking the Right Questions", Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong
  • "How to Handle Difficult Interview Questions", Mary Morris Heiberger and Julie Miller Vick

Job Offers & Negotiating

    Chronicle of Higher Education
  • "Go Ahead, Haggle," By Rebecca A. Bryant and Amber Marks
  • "Negotiating a Better Deal," by Julia Miller Vick and Mary Morris Heiberger

Job Listings for Academic Jobs

Searching Outside the US

For specific links on working abroad, see international careers and education careers in the researching careers section of our site.

International Students Searching Within the US

International students can best prepare themselves by reviewing the information on the International Student Resources page.


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