Graduate School Timeline

Review this list of tasks as you move through the application process. If you plan to apply to medical school or law school, consult the Health Professions Advising and Pre-Law Advising sites.

If you’re an alumna/us or grad student applying to graduate or professional school, you’ll complete similar tasks but in a different time frame than the one shown below. Consult a career advisor for assistance in structuring your timeline.

Junior Year, First Semester (or earlier)
  • Think about prospective careers and whether you’ll need additional education to succeed in that field
  • Talk to Career Center staff, faculty, Tufts alumni and family about careers and grad school options
  • Attend grad school fairs
Junior Year, Second Semester
Summer Before Senior Year
  • Plan for admissions tests, including when and where to take them and how to study for them
  • Tour nearby grad schools, keeping in mind that some may not be in session
  • Examine applications for several schools and begin to narrow your choices
  • Explore school-sponsored and outside funding opportunities
Senior Year, First Semester
  • Once you have all your syllabi, create a timetable of your exams, papers, and other requirements and think about how your grad school applications will fit in your schedule
  • Solicit letters of recommendation
  • Draft your personal statement

By Thanksgiving, or earlier, if necessary:

  • Complete your personal statement
  • Have recommendations on file
  • Complete and mail your applications
Senior Year, Second Semester
  • Visit and evaluate accepted schools
By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor