Answers from Career Advisors … Applied and Haven’t Heard Back? Here Are Some Next Steps.

So you found an interesting position, created a polished resume and tailored cover letter, hit submit, and then … crickets. You’ve waited about a week and haven’t heard anything.

While the lack of response is frustrating, try to remember that it’s generally not the result of something you did/didn’t do. Many employers simply don’t have the staffing resources to respond to each and every submission, especially during the current COVID era.

Here are a few things to try while you wait:

  • Send a quick email. If you have the hiring manager’s email address, write a brief note to check in. Use an obvious subject line, such as “Follow up from [your name] re: [name of position].” Acknowledge the person’s busy schedule, reiterate your interest, and offer to provide additional info if needed. You can also ask about next steps in the hiring process. (If you prefer a quick phone call, you’ll follow a similar template.)
  • Try to get the inside scoop. Do you know anyone who works at the organization? Have you tried reaching out to someone from The Herd or the Tufts University Career Network on LinkedIn? You won’t be asking the person to speed up the process per se; rather, you’ll ask about the individual’s experiences, i.e., How long does it generally take this company to respond to applications or invite people to interview? Has that changed during COVID? Can you think of anything else I should do while I wait?

Check out this article for more good tips, including non-annoying ways to follow up!

Following up on resume + cover letter submissions, including sample emails

By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Career Advisor / Multimedia & Communications Specialist Susannah Krenn