Following Up with Your Match this Valentine’s Season

You attended a fair, a virtual event, or have networked in another fashion and now you are at that pivotal junction: how do I follow up to let them know I am interested and want to move forward with this (professional)relationship? The good news is that you have a couple of different options! 


Send that follow up email! After you received their contact information from your interaction, an obvious next step is sending them an email. Thank them for their time, refer back to key takeaways from the conversation, and let them know if you have taken any action steps (like applying to an opportunity). We also have some great resources to help you format those emails to showcase the best you! 


Did you chat about an open position? Even if you didn’t specifically talk about an opening, but there is one of interest, APPLY! This will also help when you send that follow up email — keeping the momentum and highlighting your application.  


Use Handshake to search for students who have had an opportunity with the organization and reach out to them to learn more. This will help you build your network of contacts associated with the organization. It could also provide valuable information on what the interning/working experience was like for that student, how they were able to succeed in the interview process, and any other tips and tricks they may have for exceling at the organization. When you talk to recruiters, you can let them know that you have chatted with other students and highlight some insider knowledge to show you’ve gone the extra step to learn more.  


Follow the employer(s) of interest on Handshake. You’ll be the first to be notified when they post new opportunities, host an event, or partake in event here at Tufts!  

Follow Up


You can always refer back to the Tufts Career Guide for resources and advice on all stages of the career exploration process.  


By Misha D'Andrea
Misha D'Andrea Recruiting Coordinator, Employer Relations Misha D