You Asked: What Does Shadowing or Volunteering in Non-Profits, Research, or Healthcare Look Like Now ?

Since we have all been in various stages of the COVID pandemic, current students interested in non-profits, medicine, or STEM careers may wonder: how does one get experience?  What should you be thinking about if you are interested in working in healthcare, within a research lab, or for a community organization — both gain experience and make an impact?

The following considerations might help you reflect on your next steps …

Are there organizations looking for help?  First, you may want to identify if there are any organizations actively recruiting for volunteer positions.  You can do a targeted search using Handshake, attend a career fair, or even check out the Tufts Community Response Volunteer Groups.   If you are a pre-health student, it is highly suggested that you review this list of  NAAHP Prehealth Opportunities or view the Tufts Pre-Health resources for Volunteer and Service Opportunities.

What is a job shadow? and How do I identify shadowing opportunities if available ?  A job shadow is an opportunity for an individual to observe a professional at work. During a pandemic, shadowing may not be possible, however this could be an unique opportunity to have a career conversation with a professional in your field of interest.  The HERD is a mentoring platform that features profiles of Tufts alumni and non-alumni mentors in research, non-profits and healthcare settings who have indicated various ways to support students’ career interests.  Some of these include job shadowing and can provide a way for professionals to to give advice to other Jumbos.

Are there other ways I can get involved to further explore my interests in Health and Life Sciences? There may be alternatives; the following links may help you brainstorm ideas and next steps :

Take a look at our full list of resources in our career communities:  Education, Non-Profit & Social Impact or Healthcare, Life Sciences and the Environment. 

By Malakia Silcott
Malakia Silcott Associate Director