15 Things To Do This Summer

You’ve made it! The longest spring semester ever has ended and you’ve submitted your last final paper. Now what? Whether you’re headed off to a summer internship, taking a course, or have nothing planned (yet), here are 15 things you can do this summer to continue your personal and career development.

1. Take. A. Break.

Relaxing during summer break is essential because it allows you to recharge fully to come back in the fall. Remember what spring semester felt like non-stop without a spring break? After a stressful year of nonstop work and change, not allowing yourself to fully recharge this summer will find you burnt out and less motivated come September. Worried about being bored? Check out this TIME article to understand how being bored can (actually) be good for you.

2. Make the Most of Your Virtual Internship

Have a virtual internship (again) this summer? We feel you – it can be a bummer not to live in a new city or experience your new workplace in person. Career Fellow and member of the class of 2022, Ekin Ocalan, has some tips based on her own experience for how you can make the most of your virtual internship this summer.

3. No Internship? No Problem! Do a Virtual Work Experience program 

Virtual work experiences are a great way to set yourself apart, build your skills and your resume, and explore what it’s like to work in different industries. And guess what? Tufts has partnered with Forage to provide top-notch and free virtual work experiences to ALL Tufts students. If you’re interested in learning about consulting, law, technology, or finance, be sure to try out a virtual work experience this summer!

4. Do a Micro-Internship Through Jumbos4Jumbos

Tufts alumni are providing opportunities for undergraduate students in the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, and School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts! These gigs and projects can be done remotely, and you can find them in The Herd under “Projects”. Get all the info you need about Jumbos4Jumbos here.

5. Catch Up on Our Podcast: From Here, To There

Did you know that we’ve launched a brand new podcast? From Here To There podcast features Career Fellows talking to Tufts alumni about their career journeys, how they made decisions, what they did when things didn’t go as planned, and lessons learned along the way. Catch up on our first 3 episodes on Spotify!

6. Make a New Connection

Summer is a great time for career exploration and research. Find an alumni with whom you share professional interests, or who has a job you think is awesome and want to know more about, and connect with them for conversation and advice. Learn how to use The Herd and LinkedIn to make the most of virtual networking.

7. Browse New Career Communities

This year the Career Center introduced Career Communities as a way to organize various expertise and resources for the world of work. Browse through the resources, jobs, and alumni mentors that align with your interests.

8. Explore Career Options for the Humanities 

Wondering how your humanities degree is going to connect to a future job or career path? Imagine PhD is a tool to help humanities students explore careers. No, you don’t need a PhD to use this, but it might give you clarity on whether or not to pursue a PhD, and when! After you create a free profile, start by taking an assessment to identify some of your interests, values, and the skills you like to use. Then, browse the job family resources to explore careers in advocacy. writing, research and analysis, organizational management, and more. Read sample job descriptions along with stories and profiles of real people with various academic backgrounds and professional roles.

9. Play Catch-Up

Did you miss a workshop or panel this year? Catch up on advice from advisors and alumni via our YouTube playlists, where we’ve captured recordings from all our major events and workshops.

10. Read Up on Advice from Alumni

Curious about alumni career paths and what advice they have for you? Check out our series “3 Questions With…” where we ask alumni just 3 short questions so you can get information and advice in minutes.

11. Get Some Counterintuitive Advice from a Ted Talk

We all love a good Ted Talk, ones that leave us inspired and motivated for more. Here are a few of our favorites:

12. Learn About What Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Look Like Beyond Tufts and In the Workplace

Society is currently focused on race and racism in a way that hasn’t happened for a generation. Experts on emotional intelligence share tools that you can use to navigate the emotional terrain of this topic — especially in the workplace — in this webinar, on the Emotions of Racism. In April, we talked to Tufts alumni and industry leaders all about Change-Making in the Workplace. If you’re wondering what to expect as you enter the world of work and the kind of impact you as a student or recent graduate can have, you can watch our discussion and read up on topics discussed and advice shared on our website.

13. Crack Open a Book (Not a Textbook)

Now’s the time to get into a book (or two!) for fun. Here’s a few that we’re reading over break:

16. Brush up on your Financial Literacy

One of our favorite and most popular #Adulting topics. Your future self will thank you for the effort you put in now. Here’s a guide for getting started.

15. Start developing a Mindfulness Practice

We all picked up a new habit or two during quarantine. For Career Fellow Ismenia Ginebra ’22, it was mindfulness! “I’ve noticed the positive impact in my life that’s come from practicing mindfulness, largely in bettering my relationship with my thoughts.” Forbes even reported on how mindfulness can help you launch your career. “Personally, I use an app called Headspace, and there’s even a student discount!”

By Sheryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg Associate Director