Meet Karen Dankers and Susannah Krenn, Career Advisors for Government, Law & International Affairs

Hi Jumbos! We’re excited to be your advisors for this community, and we’re looking forward to hearing about your interests and goals & how we can help you refine those interests and make progress toward your goals. Please take a look around and schedule an appointment with one of use to discuss your individual career journey.

A bit about Karen … 

I love helping students figure out which career path is the best fit for them. I work with students to create resumes, cover letters, find internship and job opportunities, and improve networking and interviewing skills, including preparation for career paths in government, law, or international affairs.

I grew up in Rhode Island and majored in Finance at the College of William and Mary. After college, I worked in management consulting at PricewaterhouseCoopers and in project management at CIGNA. I completed a Master’s degree in Higher Education Management at the University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to joining the Tufts Career Center in 2007, I worked as the Associate Director of Career Services for Wharton Undergraduates. I am excited to continue building relationships with Tufts students and aim to meet students where they are, academically, professionally, and personally. Outside of work, I love to run, hike, play tennis, and spend time with my 3 kids.

My most interesting/unusual job: Writing interface and data conversion computer programs during my consulting days!

A bit about Susannah …

I support the Career Center’s behind-the-scenes efforts to connect students with the resources and information they need to succeed in their career journeys. In addition, I’m excited to leverage my career advising background by serving as an advisor for students exploring Government/Law/International Affairs career paths, helping them to research options that energize and interest them. Prior to Tufts, I received my Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Boston College, and before that, I worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Indiana, providing adult education programs for homeless individuals. Beyond Tufts, I love to read, spend time outdoors, and write letters — fancier if you call it “correspondence.”

Most interesting/unusual job: Oh, where to begin? My mom is an anatomy professor, so I’ve transported cadavers in her lab, ordered crickets and chemicals from biological supply catalogs, and performed various dissections. Beyond that, high school years spent working at Dairy Queen mean that I can tell you anything you need to know about making blizzards or ice cream cakes. I also worked at the only all-metal whistle factory in the U.S. (they provide gold-plated whistles for Super Bowl refs).

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By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor