Meet Ryan Smith, Career Advisor for Arts, Communications & Media

Hi all! Welcome to the Arts, Communications & Media career community. I’d encourage you to take a look around at the resources and information, and feel free to make an appointment with me if you’d like to talk about your career interests relating to this area.

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A bit about me … 

I hold an MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College, and I’ve worked in college career advising across different majors for over 12 years at schools like Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University and Syracuse University before joining Tufts. I specialize in helping students explore all of their options for professional opportunities as well as resources for creative careers in the arts and communications and media sectors — whether pursuing their artistic practice full-time or engaging in work that allows their creative process to flourish.

My most interesting/unusual job … 

While acting in Chicago, the most interesting side hustle I had was as a retail sales associate at a high-end pet product boutique called “Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm.” Oprah filmed an episode in our store, and when we were part of the live audience for the premiere, Oprah brushed my shoulder in the aisle and said, “Hey, darling.”

By Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Assistant Director