Meet Sheryl Rosenberg, Career Advisor for Education, Nonprofit, & Social Impact

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Education, Nonprofit & Social Impact career community.  I’m excited to be your lead advisor for this area. Explore the resources on this community page, and schedule an appointment with me to talk more about your specific interests, ideas, and to start planning!

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A bit about me … 

I hold a Masters of Education in College Student Development Administration from Seattle University, and I’ve worked with college students for the past 10 years. After finishing my graduate degree, I joined a nonprofit focused on college access and success. While there, I worked with first generation and low-income students as well as community and employer partners. I worked at and with a variety of different colleges before coming to Tufts. As a career advisor for this particular community, I work with students to explore and pursue careers that are mission driven. I have always felt that mission is critical in my own career path, and I am continuously energized by working with students who value social impact and want to incorporate it into their careers and lives. There are endless intersections and ways that you can contribute to your community, regardless of your professional industry.

Most interesting/unusual job …

I was a pre-school ballet instructor in high school.

By Sheryl Rosenberg
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