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📚 Political Risk Consulting: What Is It?

Put broadly, political risk consulting refers to a job focused on assessing the impact of political developments on organizations. This can range from analyzing how elections and changes of government — and the resulting shifts in policies — can impact organizations and industries, as well as how changes to legislation, regulation and taxation, or even foreign policy can also affect business environments. Learn more in this article … How to get into political and security risk consulting

Political risk analysts are often subject matter experts in a particular geography, and it’s common to find country-specific specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the political landscape in a given area. Factors that may be monitored by country risk specialists include political instability, terrorism, corruption, security threats, commodity risk, human rights, investment risk, economic indicators, regulatory developments, social trends, supply chain risks, labor laws, and currency convertibility.

The majority of Country Risk/Political Risk professionals start their careers in entry-level researcher, analyst, or consultant positions. In addition to positions at consulting firms and think tanks, you’ll also find political risk analysts on in-house teams at banks, investment management firms, credit rating agencies, insurance companies, technology firms, and energy companies. Finally, there’s a growing list of organizations that specialize in crisis management, brand reputation and communications that hire political risk professionals.

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Other search terms you could use if you’re interested in this field: Research Analyst, Threat Intelligence Specialist, Corporate Security Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Sovereign Risk Analyst, Political Advisor, Public Affairs Analyst

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Myths vs. Realities: Job Hunting in Political Risk

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