SMFA Internships for Studio Credit

Are you an SMFA student pursuing a BFA, Dual Degree, MFA or MAT? Learn how you can gain experence and credit by counting your internship for studio credit.

During the fall and spring semesters you are able to obtain 2 credits(100 hrs worked minimum) or 4 credits (200 hours worked minimum.) Over the summer you can intern full-time for up to 6 Credits (300 hours worked minimum.)

Students have interned nationally with artists and at places like Sotheby’s, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Jim Kempner Gallery, Facebook, Fablevision and more. Review these student intern spotlights here:

Make an appointement with Ryan Smith, Assistant Director, Career Advisor to learn how to be a part of this program specifically for SMFA students:



By Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith Assistant Director