Employer Spotlight: National Security Innovation Network (NSIN)


XForce Fellowship Information: 

The X-Force Fellowship program is an opportunity for technologists and entrepreneurs to serve their country by solving real-world national security problems in collaboration with the United States military. The X-Force Fellowship program is full-time, in-person, paid and runs from early June to mid-August. At its core, the program matches highly talented undergraduate and graduate students with operational military commands to deliver rapid, early stage prototypes that help solve project sponsor problems.

The X-Force Fellowship program is open to U.S. citizens at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Participants will possess a diverse set of skills ranging from mobile and web app development, data analysis and visualization, hardware prototyping, social media strategy, and technology scouting. Participants are provided the opportunity to work on a mission-focused real-world project, participate in a professional development opportunity, work directly with military and national security leaders, and gain perspective as to how their skills and experience can have an outsized impact on national security.

Interested applicants should complete the interest form available on the NSIN website, here. Fellows will be paid a competitive stipend and provided with a small budget for travel and material expenses.

More Information about NSIN: 

The National Security Innovation Network is a Department of Defense program office that leverages new networks of innovators to solve national security problems through three main lines of effort: National Service, Collaboration, and Acceleration

NSIN is headquartered in Arlington, VA, and our Regional Network Team operates globally, with Regional Directors stationed across eleven regions in the United States, and University
Program Directors embedded in 17 leading research institutions and counting.  NSIN collaborates with major research universities. NSIN’s network reaches students at 71 universities. Our programming provides
students and faculty with problem-solving opportunities and pathways to national service.

Please contact John Griffin, Program Director at  jgriffin@nsin.us for more information.

By Sue Atkins
Sue Atkins Associate Director, Employer Relations