Permission to Fail: Watch the iRobot Panel

On Wednesday, February 23, as part of E-Week+, iRobot did a panel on Permission to Fail. If you couldn’t attend, check it out — the panel was terrific!

The panel was moderated by a Lisa Freed, who started out as a Civil Engineer and now does STEM programs for iRobot.  The panel also has a data scientist, 2 software engineers, a Project Manager who was a Mechanical Engineering major, a Test Engineer who did her PhD/MS at Tufts and an Electrical Engineer from Tufts who is now a Product Manager.  Each person talked about their journey from freshman year through to their jobs now at iRobot.  They talk about their own failures and stumbles along the way, changing majors, self-doubt and imposter syndrome, as well as some helpful hints — both for academic work and mental health.  There are some very personal stories and some entertaining times.  The panelists had fun while they convinced the audience that you have permission to fail and that everyone has a bit of failure in their past.

Each of you will find something to relate to.  It is worth the time!

By Robin Kahan
Robin Kahan Associate Director, Engineering Career Services