How to Combine Tech and Social Impact

I’ve met a lot of students at Tufts who are looking to use their Computer Science major and/or skills for social change. Whether that be in the public sector, community organization, or in non-profits or NGOs. There are so many places where industry and job function and intersect. Here are a 3 things to consider as your start exploring the ways your interests, values, and skills can intersect in the future:

  1. Think about organizations you’d like to work for. Where would you love to work? A hospital? Community or service organization? Big tech? Even nonprofits have technical roles and duties that need to be accomplished. Non-profits often rely on databases and technical systems to administer their work. Big tech and finance companies can have policy, social impact, and corporate responsibility branches. 
  2. Consider job function. Function refers to the main role you play in the larger organization. What skills do you like to use? What do you want to be doing in your potential job? It’s likely that this kind of role exists across industries. 
  3. Check out Idealist’s How to Transfer your Tech-Skills to a Mission Driven Career. 
By Sheryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg Associate Director