Social Change Across Industries

The social-change landscape continues, it’s no longer just a world of non-profits, corps jobs, and community organizing – though those are some great paths to pursue! But maybe you’re drawn to finance but don’t want to “work for the man.” Ever heard of impact investing? Or maybe you enjoy technology and product management, but want to use your skills to have a positive impact on the world. Find a non-profit, NGO, or foundation who’s mission you care about. Have you always imagined yourself working in the public sector, but are now worried about low earning potential while paying back student loans during the first years of your career? Might be time to look for for profit companies with a mission. There are so many options when you get creative and start thinking outside the box.

You don’t have to choose having a positive impact on society over high earning potential, or jobs and industries you love, or the other way around. Nearly every industry has at least one (if not more!) intersection with social change. Between impact investing, foundations, and for profit companies with a mission, this Idealist Career Guide to Different Organizations Working for Social Change will get you started brainstorming how you can keep your commitment to active citizenship and social change regardless of your industry of choice, interests, and skills.

By Sheryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg Assistant Director