Early Recruiting Cycle for Summer 2023 Finance Internships

Have you heard about fellow students applying for finance internships for Summer 2023? Yes, that is correct – not this coming Summer 2022, but NEXT summer over a year away. We’d like to provide some information about these timelines so you can learn about how to navigate the early recruiting process for financial services internships.

Summer internships are extremely important to build skills, gain experience, and make networking contacts in the finance industry. Many full-time positions will be offered to successful summer interns at the end of their junior summer. A majority of banks now begin recruiting for junior summer internships during the spring semester of sophomore year, with first-round interviews starting as early as April or May, more than a year prior to the internship. The recruiting process will often continue on a rolling basis during the summer after sophomore year and will typically be completed by September or October of students’ junior year.

Employers are recruiting Tufts students for Summer 2023 internships right now on Handshake. These companies include UBS, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Citi, Bank of America, Guggenheim Partners (and more!). If you’ve already researched and applied to some of these Summer 2023 positions, that’s wonderful that you’ve been so proactive! If not, and you have an interest in financial services, here are some tips and resources available to help you along the application process:

  1. Explore our Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship & Business Career Community: Start by exploring the Career Communities section of the Career Center website. Our community pages feature curated websites, sample resumes, and industry-specific resources.
  2. Review our Finance and Business Resume samples: Use our sample resumes for finance and other business roles as a template when creating and updating your own resume!
  3. Read our Tufts Career Guide for Undergraduates for sample cover letters and tips about networking
  4. Network with Tufts Alumni through LinkedIn and the Herd: You can connect with Tufts Alumni and have a career conversation to ask questions about their career path and current job.
  5. Attend Finance-related Career Events: There are several virtual and in-person events with financial services employers in Handshake throughout the year. Login to Handshake and click on the Events tab to search through upcoming events.
  6. Make an appointment with a Career Advisor: Our advisors in the Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship & Business Career Community are happy to meet with you to advise you throughout the application process!

There are many open applications and opportunities out there for Summer 2023 internships in financial services. Take some time this week to research in Handshake and on employer websites to learn about and apply to any that interest you! Remember, we are here to help if you have any questions along the way.

By Karen Dankers
Karen Dankers Associate Director, Director of Tufts Finance Initiative