Careers in Geology

Which of the following is not a real job for a geologist:  Engineering Geologist, Marine Geologist, Petroleum Geologist, Geomorphologist, Geophysicist, Hydrologist, Mineralogist Environmental Geologist, Planetary Geologist, Paleontologist, Geophysicist?  These are all real titles!  So many ways to go with an interest in Geology.   Geology is simply defined as the study of the earth.  Now, the understanding of our earth, its history, and what is happening to it as climate changes are increasingly important.

To find out more about what types of geologists there are and explanations of what each does,  check out  More on the background and interests of geologists can be found at or 10 Reasons to Become a Geologist

The American Geosciences Institute lists the following links to find more information about careers in Geology

Go to Youtube to watch videos on geology and how geologists are solving real-world problems  including this one at:

At Tufts, we see students enter the field through Geology/Geological Sciences or Civil and Environmental Engineering with titles such as Civil/Geotechnical Engineer, Naturalist or GIS Technician.  Of course, we would say “your major doesn’t define you” and “you can get anywhere from anywhere” so if you are interested check out all the resources above.

By Robin Kahan
Robin Kahan Associate Director, Engineering Career Services