Featured Resource: Policorner

Policorner.org is a free political internship and jobs platform connecting Tufts University students with 2,000+ political and public service internships and career opportunities.  It allows Tufts students to create free user accounts, access 2,000+ job listings, filter listings by political affiliation and other relevant metrics, directly message employers, and receive invitations to apply to employer jobs.

Policorner utilizes user-provided professional, academic, and political preferences to match applicants with ideal job opportunities in public service. With the most up-to-date job posts from top political campaigns, government offices, non-profits, law firms, and more.

Sample Full-time Job Opportunities

  • Government Affairs & Public Policy Manager

Sample Internship Opportunities (visit their website for many more options for undergrads)

  • Campaign Intern
  • Capital Hill Intern
  • Legal Intern
  • Political Affairs intern

The Policorner website details position responsibilities and qualifications, as well as application requirements, eligibility information, compensation details, and more.

To create your account and learn more about positions– visit Policorner

By Kelly Roberts
Kelly Roberts Assistant Director