Rotational Programs: What They Are, the Benefits & Resources to Find One That’s Right for You!

I always say that if I were to go back in time, I would have started my career in a Rotational Program. Rotational Programs (often also called Management Development or Leadership Development Programs) are often found in bigger companies that can predict their hiring needs further out. These programs are designed to get students into a company, allow each new hire to experience more than one department or job type within the company, and build relationships across disciplines. Companies spend a lot of time and treasure on these new college graduates in their programs because they are being identified as high-potential hires. Read the benefits below and APPLY NOW!!  (These types of programs are often advertised early in the Fall Semester and hiring is done early as well)

Benefits of starting your career in a Rotational Program

  1. You are hired as part of a cohort. This means that you are in some ways treated as a group.  You will have a group of people starting at the same time and experiencing the same program.  This is a great way to ease into your new after Tufts life.
  2. Rotational programs allow you to test various jobs or departments within a company. Really this is the point of the program.  You work 6 months or so in a variety of positions for different managers and on different projects.  At the end of the program, in most cases, you will choose where you land more permanently based on the position you fit best.  “Try before you buy” for both you and the managers. 
  3. During the Rotation period, you are building your network within the company. You will also understand the bigger picture of what the company does and how they do it.
  4. Not all rotational programs are the same, but many offer training programs, social activities, and meetings with upper management as part of the program. A good reason to start in a program like this is the additional attention paid to the new grads in the program.

You will need to read about each specific program and we would, of course, recommend talking to Tufts grads or others who have gone through these programs.

Find Rotational Programs in Various Disciplines Here

You will find lists of rotational programs in Engineering and Tech, Healthcare and Science, Finance and Financial Services, Communications, Media, and Sports, and Consumer Products and Business Services.  Many companies have a variety of rotational programs so it may be worth looking at all the lists.

Come to see us in appointments or drop-ins if you have questions about these programs.

By Robin Kahan
Robin Kahan Associate Director, Engineering Career Services