Meet Malakia Silcott, Career Advisor for Healthcare, Life Sciences & the Environment

Hi everyone! I’m pleased to be your advisor for this community. Feel free to browse the resources on this page and make an appointment with me to discuss your career journey thus far.

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A bit about me … 

I’m excited to be the lead advisor for Healthcare, Life Sciences & the Environment! I focus on early career engagement programs, individual career advising, and teach a course on Personal Career Development. My background has included working with traditional and non-traditional aged students at commuter and residential colleges throughout Massachusetts, including Bunker Hill Community College, MIT, Northeastern, and Brandeis University. I’m the child of immigrants from Montserrat, West Indies, and I have a particular interest in studying the college adjustment, academic retention, and career development strategies of first generation college students, women in underrepresented careers, and international students.

I hold a Master’s of Science degree in College Student Development and Counseling from Northeastern University, and prior to my graduate study I earned a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Bachelors of Arts in African American Studies from Oberlin College. In my spare time I enjoy tennis, reading books on personal finance, and attending dance and music performances.

My most interesting/unusual job … 

I worked at a card store reading cards out loud to the blind.

By Malakia Silcott
Malakia Silcott Assistant Director