From Here, to There New Episode on Following your Values and Starting a Business, with Taylor McVay ’09

Ever wonder how they got from here, to there? Well now you can find out by tuning into the Career Center podcast, From Here, to There. Hosted by Career Fellows (current students!), we talk to Tufts alumni about their career journeys, how they made decisions, what they did when things didn’t go as planned, and lessons learned along the way.

Every month we bring you a new episode. This month, we talked with Taylor McVay ’09 all about starting her own fashion business, and navigating values in the industry.

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Episode 12 – Starting a Business and Following You Values, with Taylor McVay ’09

In this episode, we talk to Taylor McVay, who graduated from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2009. McVay is an artist, designer, and educator who is passionate about slow fashion. She has a sewing pattern company, Blueprints For Sewing, and is opening a sewing studio ( In this episode, we talk about starting your own business in the arts, navigating systems that go against your values and finding your niche, and having many experiences that culminate into a passionate career.


By Sheryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg Associate Director