Career Trends for Jumbos: Work in Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, People Operations

If you are currently looking for a full-time job or your next internship, you most likely will interact with people who have human resources and recruiting roles, but have you ever considered one of these roles as a possible career path after Tufts?

Traditionally, organizations of every size have dedicated several of their staff, even separate departments for the purpose of hiring and overseeing employee engagement and training.  Whether you are a senior looking for your first full-time job after college, or a student looking for your next internship, you are most likely to encounter someone who has the job title of Recruiter or a related position as part of a organizations Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and People Operations Team.  Depending on how large an organization is, a person in one of these roles might be responsible for interviewing potential candidates, working with Hiring managers to craft a job description, and serve in more advanced roles that may include organizing training and development programs for employees,  helping employees to understand their work benefits, determining compensation rates at all levels, or dealing with employee relations issues, etc.

According the US Department of Labor, careers in Human Resources and related careers tend to be growing at a steady rate close to 7% each year.   For some Jumbos, working in Human Resources can be a viable option to utilize communication skills, leadership gained as part of student orgs and off-campus internships, as well as a way to learn and apply different ways to work with data and interact and develop people.  By searching Tufts Alumni profiles on the HERD or LinkedIn, you will find a number of Tufts alumni working a variety of human services positions,  as a popular first destination after Tufts and/or as a career path.

Below are a few articles that you can read to explore this career path, and then as a next step,  browse postings in Handshake to explore related jobs and internships to deepen your career knowledge.  Also, some students, may choose to go the next step and consult a Tufts alumni who has worked in a Human Resources role and have a career conversation to help you further clarify your career goals and allow you to ask questions about this career choice.

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By Malakia Silcott
Malakia Silcott Assistant Director