Internship Spotlight: New England Center for Investigative Reporting

Recent Tufts graduate Sofia shared the following about being an Audience Engagement and Media Intern with the New England Center for Investigative Reporting …

What did you do as an intern at this organization?

As an intern at NECIR, I worked as part of the audience engagement and outreach team and as a multi-media creator. I conducted research on which publications and organizations were interested in our stories, I ran our Instagram account, and I got to create visual content to go with the investigations. I shot both photos and videos that were incorporated into stories.

How did you find this internship?

I found my internship through the Experimental College at Tufts.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I loved that I got hands-on journalism experience. For example, I photographed Massachusetts fishermen who were fishing in lakes with mercury warnings for an investigation on potentially rising mercury levels in MA. I was not often stuck getting coffee or sitting in the office.

What did you find challenging?

The most challenging part about this internship was that it was unpaid. I had to balance my time between this internship and jobs that paid.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to make the most of an internship like yours?

The most important element when applying for internships or jobs similar to this one is having a story, documentary, photo essay, or other product that you have produced and completed. Being able to show a potential employer that you have past experience while showcasing your skills and interests proves to employers that they will not have to train you from scratch, and that you can start producing interesting content right away.

About the Organization

New England Center for Investigative Reporting, Boston, Massachusetts

We produce more than just great stories. Our investigative reporting has a real impact on the world — influencing legislation, overturning wrongful convictions, and holding the powerful accountable.

By Katie Sullivan
Katie Sullivan Assistant Director