Build Your Network This Summer With One Easy Task

Here at the Career Center, we are BIG fans of networking. Simply put, networking helps you gather information about things that interest you (e.g., majors, career paths, experiences) and also allows you to develop relationships with people who can give you advice (e.g., peers, professors, Tufts alumni, family friends, and more).

Networking can happen both serendipitously, e.g., you strike up a conversation with someone you meet at the grocery store, AND strategically, e.g., you think of a person with an interesting career story and plan to have a conversation them. To learn more about the benefits of strategic networking, check out this blog post from the Partnership for Public Service.

Want a fun & easy summer networking ‘assignment?’ Schedule a conversation with at least 1 alumni mentor on The Herd, our networking & mentoring database, by the end of this month. Here are sample messages to use when contacting someone.

Let’s say you’ve been successful in scheduling a 20-30 minute Zoom conversation. What sorts of questions should you ask the person? Here are a few ideas:

  • What does a typical workday look like for you?
  • What do you love about your job? What do you find challenging?
  • Were there any courses, clubs, or other experiences at Tufts that helped you prepare for what you do now?
  • What should a student in my position do if I’d like to pursue a path similar to yours?
  • What kinds of skills and experiences do employers in your line of work look for?
  • If you could do anything over again, career-wise, what would that be?

And remember: Career Advisors are glad to speak with you about your networking strategies! Make an appointment to chat with us.

By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor