Jessie Lan

Lead Career Fellow

Jessie Lan

Class Year: 2021
Major: Cognitive & Brain Sciences; minors in Education and Asian American Studies
Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
Favorite place on campus: Mural room in the third floor of the Asian American Center
Dream job: Guidance counselor, perhaps!
Tufts activities/involvements: Tufts Asian Student Coalition, SYNS

Striving for excellence is different from demanding perfection of yourself! Don’t get paralyzed thinking of outcomes and impossible expectations – if you find anywhere to start chipping away at a task, little things quickly fall into place to become much more achievable overall. So if you feel overwhelmed or unequipped to do something, put faith in your own abilities and try to just begin.

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Social Impact Fellowships & Job Search Support Group

Recently, I joined a career development and mentorship program for social impact and change careers, called Second Day. Through it, I’ve found support for my job search and upcoming transition into the looming big world. If you’re interested in working …

By Jessie Lan
Jessie Lan Lead Career Fellow Jessie Lan
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