You Asked: What Does Shadowing or Volunteering in Non-Profits, Research, or Healthcare Look Like for 2021?


Since we are all in a pandemic, current students interested in non-profits, medicine, or STEM careers may wonder: how does one get experience?  What should you be thinking about if you are interested in working in healthcare, within a research …

By Malakia Silcott
Malakia Silcott Assistant Director Malakia Silcott
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To EP or Not to EP: Employers Weigh In


We recently reached out to some of our employer partners to get their take on how transcripts are evaluated with new grading models due to COVID-19. Exceptional Pass (EP) has been offered at Tufts since COVID has disrupted the traditional …

By Misha D'Andrea
Misha D'Andrea Recruiting Coordinator, Employer Relations Misha D
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All About UX Careers


I just stumbled on this great little primer on UX Careers. See what you think! I would love to hear from students about which kinds of articles and blogs you would like to see.  Let me know if this was …

By Robin Kahan
Robin Kahan Associate Director, Engineering Career Services Robin Kahan
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4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

4 Tips for Searching for Companies that Focus on Diversity and Inclusion thumbnail image

Everyone’s heard the phrase “diversity and inclusion” (“D&I” for short), but what does it really mean? Why is it so important? And how do you find companies that prioritize it?

Below are the answers to these common questions about diversity and …

By Sarah Candin - Vault
A comprehensive resource for students and job seekers looking for career advice, job postings, company reviews from employees, and rankings of the best companies and industry employers.
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