Environmental Justice & Advocacy

Environmental Justice & Advocacy

This is an interdisciplinary group for those who wish to combine their interests in Political Science, Government, Law and Environmental Studies into internships and jobs that focus on improving the environment and educating the public regarding complex issues that will affect the environment for years to come. Students and alumni who have interests in Environmental Justice & Advocacy have pursed careers in environmental law, environmental education and awareness, policy writing and advocacy.

We encourage you to check out these recommended resources for career exploration, internship and job searches.

  • Tufts Office of Sustainability — Career opportunities in sustainability from the Tufts Office of Sustainability. Lots of great links.
  • Society for Conservation Biology Careers — Conservation biology jobs searchable by discipline
  • Conservation Job Board — Conservation job postings covering the U.S. and locations abroad
  • EnvironmentalJobs.com — Job listings in environmental law, policy, renewable energy, conservation, natural resources, environmental engineering, and more.
  • Internships for Undergrads: View internship books for 3,000 organizations with positions in 14 sectors. [UN: TuftsU; PW: GoJumbos, then click on Undergraduate].
  • EPA Student — A student center sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It offers career, scholarship, and internship information, as well as links to other helpful resources.
  • Tufts Institute of the Environment — An interdisciplinary, university-wide education and research institute. TIE is a focal point for new research and policy development, outreach, service and teaching initiatives, and related technology.
  • The Sierra Club — The Sierra Club is America’s oldest grassroots environmental organization. Sign up for environmental updates in specialized areas of interest.
  • U.S. Department of Energy – Updates on employment opportunities, including DOE student programs, internships, and entry-level positions.

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