Art + Design Virtual Career Fair: Student Resource Guide

On Friday, April 16th, in partnership with AICAD, Tufts will be hosting an Art + Design Virtual Career Fair. The Art & Design Virtual Career Fair, will allow you to connect with employers and organizations across the country. Participating employers and organizations, will be meeting with students and alumni from 20+ AICAD schools. During the fair you will be able to share your resume and portfolio with employers using video chat and screen share. Participants will include graduates of any major from the classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 (juniors, seniors, graduate students and recent grads).

🎨Platform / Participation

The Art & Design Virtual Career Fair will be held using InternX on Friday, April 16th from 12:00pm – 5:00pm EST. To get started, simply sign up and create your profile on InternX! Be sure to use your email address when you create your account. This is event is open to the Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 with any major. 

Create InternX Account

  • Pre-Fair Checklist

    There are several steps you need to take to be sure you have a successful event!

    • Make sure you have registered for both the platform and the fair on the platform (see resource 4 Steps to Get Started below).
    • Make sure your profile is filled out to completion with all of your area interests, skills, and resume. These areas are how employers will search for you before the event!
    • Before April 9th, employers can invite you to talk with them. They will filter students based on the above criteria, so make sure it is all filled out and accurate!
    • Starting April 9th, you can sign up for any available 1-on-1 or group sessions with employers. 
    • Editing Student Profile (27 seconds)
    • Job/Internship Search (67 seconds)
    • Career Fair Scheduling (67 seconds)
    • Day of Fair Instruction (51 seconds)
  • Day-Of Virtual Fair

    Here are some best practices to help you prepare for a successful fair: 

  • Day-After Virtual Fair

    Once the fair has wrapped up, you can follow up with employers via:

    • Sending a thank you email to the recruiters/representatives you met with.
    • Following their company profile.
    • Message employers you met with or respond to their messages.
    • Apply for active jobs that interest you.
    • Participate in upcoming employer events that interest you.
    • Connect with employers you spoke with through LinkedIn and/or Handshake.
    • Attend any additional sessions or events that could help you stay connected and build out your network.

    You can also schedule an appointment with Ryan Smith, Career Advisor for the Arts, on Handshake!

What is AICAD? The Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) is a non-profit consortium of 36 art and design schools in the United States and Canada. All AICAD member institutions have a curriculum with full liberal arts and sciences requirements complementing studio work, and all are accredited to grant Bachelor of Fine Arts and/or Master of Fine Arts degrees.


Q:Is there a mechanism in the system for students to leave a resume for companies that have no remaining time slots?  
A: Students are able to upload their resumes to their profile, which is viewable for all employers. There may also appear in the scheduling tab of the employer’s page as what students should do if the schedule is filled.

Q: Will new employer spots be opening up soon?
A: We are currently working with employers to set up their booths and add more interview slots. We also reached out to 30+ companies who have yet to set up booths, and newcomers every day. Remember to check back regularly for more opportunities, as there will be some companies that have day-of info sessions.

Q: Are all of the employer meeting spots full?
A: Some may be filled….The slots are “first come-first serve”, so there were spots, but they were taken by those students who signed up earlier. So yes, some meetings with companies are at capacity, not because they are being saved, or because anyone got special early access. There are those students who signed-up early, from your school or other schools and secured their employer meeting spots.

Q: Is The Intern X working? I do not see any open meeting spot. 
A: Yes, The Intern X is working as it should. However the slots are “first come-first serve”, so there were spots, but they were taken by those students who signed up earlier.

Q: What if a company does not have a job posting listed? Can I still meet with them?
A: If a company doesn’t have a job posting, there’s no way to reach out to them because they haven’t added anything to their profile. If a company hasn’t created their meeting availability yet—students are not able to schedule with them. The AICAD Team is doing outreach to re-remind companies that they need to set that up as soon as possible.

Q: I have not been able to schedule 1:1 appointments, if this is the case, is there a way students can quickly access which (if any) companies are hosting group information sessions?
A: We currently do not have a list but we are trying to convince more to have an Information Session. If they are having any info session, the company’s booth information will provide that information.

Q: Are companies reaching out to students, to schedule a 1:1 meeting?
A: Yes, some companies are reaching out to students individually to schedule meetings. This is at their discretion.

Q: Is it true that some employers have not posted a schedule yet?
A:Yes, some employers do not have schedules posted, and students are unable to make appointments with them. AICAD is working to rectify this.

Q: Is AICAD reaching out to employers with no schedules/profiles posted?
A: Yes, AICAD is reaching out to employers and asking them to complete their profiles and post schedules, so students can sign-up. They will continue to remind, ask and request that they do this, however, it is up to them to take the time and complete this step. They realize this is key to connecting with students, so they will continue to remind them.

Q: How can a student tell if an employer is completely booked?
A: If an employer is completely booked up, you’ll be able to click “select” from the drop-down of the scheduling tab and there just won’t be any time slots listed.

Q: How can a student see if an employer has not created “meeting appointment slots”?
A: If an employer hasn’t created their meeting availability yet, that scheduling tab will be completely blank except for the fair dates and there will be no drop down to select.

Q: What if an employer is not creating meeting slots for students to sign-up? Why? What can students do? 
A: The AICAD team is personally reaching out to the companies and trying to get them set up. Some employers are going to wait until the last minute to create meetings, and they’ll be there for them when they do decide to set up their availability. We encourage you to keep checking back periodically to see if the companies that you are most interested in have added meeting availability.