Career Center Summer Internship Grant FAQs

Here are the most commonly asked questions about Career Center Summer Internship Grants. Please review both the application instructions and the FAQs below prior to contacting the Career Center. Thanks for your interest in the Grants!

Application Process and General Questions

  • Where do I find internships?
    Check out the many internship search resources available through Handshake and the Career Center website. Discuss your internship search with a career advisor during an appointment or during Career Lab/drop-ins.
  • When will I be notified about the grant?
    The deadline to apply is Sunday, March 19, 2023 at 11:59pm
    Students will be notified of decisions by Friday, April 7, 2023
  • How do I tell the employer that I’m waiting for funding before accepting the position?
    You first need to make a decision about what you will do if you do not receive funding. If you are not able to do the internship or if you will only be able to intern part-time without funding, you need to let your internship supervisor know your situation immediately.
  • If I receive funding, what are the program requirements?
    Students who receive a grant must complete the Summer Internship Grant Program, of which where are a number of required program components including:
    • Attendance at mandatory pre-internship orientation
    • Career Advising
    • Informational Interview Report
    • Resume Refresh
    • Supervisor Evaluation
    • Final Reflection Paper
    • Internship Spotlight
    • Additional requirements for donor-funded internship grant recipients through Tufts Advancement
    • Possible additional requirements for international students receiving Curricular Practical Training (CPT)Failure to complete all 300 hours will affect compensation for this internship.
    Please note: Student must contact the Career Center immediately in this case. Failure to complete the internship and outlined grant requirements, might be violation of the Tufts University Code of Conduct and could result in disciplinary action. If you fail to complete the grant requirements or if you are terminated from your internship experience (or quit) you will be required to return a pro-rated amount of the grant to the Career Center.
  • Whom should I contact if I still have questions?
    First, please review all application instructions and FAQs. If you haven’t found an answer to your question, you may email

Applicant Requirements & Restrictions

  • What qualifies as a non-profit or public sector organization?
    Non-profit means not conducted or maintained for the purpose of making a profit. Instead, it operates to serve a public good. Any net earnings by a non-profit organization are used by the organization for the purposes for which it was established. As an entire sector, non-profits include hospitals, universities, trade
    organizations, voluntary associations and religious organizations. The IRS recognizes three main types of nonprofit organizations:
    — 501(c)(3) – majority of nonprofits, must show broad public support, donations are tax-deductible (e.g.,
    American Red Cross)
    — 501(c)(4) – advocacy work, donations not tax-deductible (e.g., AARP)
    — 501(c)(6) – professional and trade associations, donations not tax-deductible (e.g., Chamber of Commerce)
    Public sector refers to government agencies, offices and departments. The public sector is that portion of society controlled by national, state or provincial, and local governments. In the United States, the public sector encompasses universal, critical services such as national defense, homeland security, police
    protection, firefighting, urban planning, corrections, taxation, and various social programs. Public sector internships can be in the offices of elected officials, but not working with election or re-election campaigns.
    If you have questions about whether a particular organization qualifies for the non-profit or public sector grants, please contact the Career Center at
  • What qualifies as an entrepreneurial experience?
    The Entrepreneurial Leadership Internship grant is not just intended for students working at newer startups, but rather as a way of thinking/being/acting/problem solving that can be equally as valuable in a larger more mature company. If you are applying for the Entrepreneurial Leadership Internship grant we expect to you to explain how the internship position or the organization is “entrepreneurial.” You could be working at an established company in a position that is considered entrepreneurial. If you find yourself in this position, make sure you are very clear how/why the position is entrepreneurial.
  • Can I work for a political campaign or other campaigns and still be eligible for the grant?
    Yes. You can work for a campaign and still be eligible for the grant. You are also eligible for the grant if you are working in the office of an elected official.
  • Can I put two internships together to make 300 hours?
    No. You are to have one internship position that will provide you with the required 300 hours.
  • Can I receive credit for my internship and still be eligible for the grant?
    Yes. Academic credit is only granted through your academic department. You must fulfill the requirements of the grant as well as the department if you are receiving credit. You will also need to pay for the summer credit.
  • I have already interned for this organization. Can I apply for the grant to work at the same place?
    Yes. However, the new internship experience should be VERY different from your old experience. You should be working in a new department and completing new responsibilities or working in a different capacity. In your application, please take extra care in explaining how your upcoming internship will differ from your previous internship.
  • Am I still eligible for the grant if my selected internship site pays me $500 or even $1000 or offers other “perks” like a T pass or travel reimbursement?
    You are still eligible for the grant as long as the amount of “perks” + compensation (if applicable) does not exceed $1500 over the course of the summer.
  • What are the weekly hour requirements for the grant?
    To be eligible for the grant, you must work a minimum of 300 hours over the course of the summer, for example, working 30 hours/week for 10 weeks. Completion of the 300 hours must be done by August 31 and start no earlier than mid-May.
  • I’m planning to study abroad in the fall. May I apply for a grant?
    Yes. If you are studying abroad in the fall, whether on a Tufts or non-Tufts program, you are eligible for the grant. However, you will still need to complete all requirements to receive the final payment.
  • I will graduate in December 2023. May I apply for a grant?
    Yes. You may apply for a grant as long as you’ll be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student in the 2023 fall semester at Tufts.
  • Can I apply for Summer Scholars or the Tisch Summer Fellows Program and a Career Center grant?
    Yes. You may apply for different sources of funding; however, you will not receive more than ONE grant. If you need help deciding on your summer plans, make an appointment with a career advisor.
  • Does the Career Center take financial aid into consideration when selecting grant recipients?
    Yes. We strongly consider financial aid status in the awarding of internship grants. However, you don’t have to be on financial aid to apply for or receive the grant.


  • Will receiving a grant impact my financial aid? 
    No. The grant will not adversely affect your financial aid package since you would be expected to earn $3000 – $4500 over the summer anyhow, and this counts as that requirement for the Office of Financial Aid.
  • How and when will I be paid?
    Selected students will receive their grant award in early June.
  • What happens if I don’t complete the requirements that I agreed to during the Grant orientation?
    If you fail to complete the grant requirements or if you are terminated from your internship experience (or quit) you will be required to return a pro-rated amount of the grant to the Career Center.