In the summer of 2020, Tufts alumni stepped up in a big way to help current undergraduate students explore career paths and build skills during a global pandemic. The result of these efforts became the Jumbos4Jumbos program: a year-round initiative to offer short-term projects and gigs that allow students to gain experience at times when many have fewer options. 

Will you help us again this year? About 90% of Tufts undergraduates do at least one internship during their time at Tufts (and about 70% do two or more). So as you can imagine, the ongoing public health crisis continues to impact a large part of our undergraduate population.

Can you or your organization offer an experiential opportunity to help Tufts undergraduates have productive work experiences?  Even if they work remotely, we are hoping alumni will offer projects/micro-internships/gigs that students can do remotely to gain skills.

Whether it lasts two weeks or is a semester/summer long commitment, if you have projects to share, a full-time job or internship available, we would like to hear from you. If you need more information on how you can lend a hand, the Career Center is ready to collaborate. We are encouraging students to be creative and flexible with their plans, and we appreciate any assistance you can offer in helping them make progress toward their goals.

When thinking about your project, please have the following information included in your student facing description:

  • Full description of your opportunity to the best of your ability
  • A little bit about the organization/opportunity
  • Key roles/responsibilities
  • Frequency of supervision
  • Minimum qualifications (School, Year, Major)
  • Any skills/competencies needed or previous experience
  • Expected hours per week and expected duration of weeks

Would you like to have a current Tufts student help with a project? Here are two pathways:

  • INDIVIDUAL — I would like a student to help me with a professional project

    Starting in Spring 2021, we transitioned the Jumbos4Jumbos program to a new module within The Herd called Projects to manage the project process. This will make the process seamless for you, the alumni, and the students looking to apply and partake in your opportunities. Alumni will be able to submit projects for review, manage their applicants, interviews, and close projects as well as receive automated updates throughout each step of the process.

    Tufts students currently already use this tool for our alumni flash-mentorship program available to them through our Alumni Career Services team.

    Enter your Project Proposal here.

    Important Notes:

    On Projects, you will have full autonomy to see student applications as they come in and decide who you want to reach out to for an interview and/or to offer them the project.

  • COMPANY / ORGANIZATION — I would like to post an official internship on behalf of my organization

    Tufts University utilizes a recruiting database called Handshake, where employers can make a profile and post any job openings for Tufts students and alums to view.

    When posting jobs, be sure to indicate the class year(s) of students you are interested in hiring, application deadlines, and application instructions. Let us know if you choose this route so we can tag your opportunity to let students know it is a Jumbos4Jumbos opportunity! We also encourage you to put Jumbos4Jumbos in the opportunity title.

    View a walkthrough of a Jumbos4Jumbos posting on Handshake

If you have questions, need clarification or have other issues please contact Sue Atkins, Associate Director, Tufts Career Center at susan.atkins@tufts.edu.

Jumbos4Jumbos 2020 Infographic