Recruitment Policies for Tufts Students

No Show Policy for On-Campus or Virtual Interviews and/or Career Fair 1-on-1 Appointments

Students should cancel at least 24 hours in advance, whenever possible, if they are no longer able to keep their commitments for in-person or virtual scheduled interviews or Career Fair 1-on-1s with employers. This is as a courtesy to the employer and to other students who would be interested in filling the slot. If the interview or the career fair has already started, we kindly ask that you keep your commitment as a representation of not only yourself, but the Tufts community as well.

No-shows may result in repercussions, including sending an apology letter to the employer and meeting with a Career Center staff member to discuss next steps. Multiple interview no-shows will result in the termination of Handshake access and recruiting program privileges.

When 24 hours’ notice is not possible due to extenuating circumstances, e.g., illness or emergency, students should contact the employer and/or the Career Center by phone (617-627-3299) or email ( as soon as possible.

Guidelines for On-Campus or Virtual Interviews

As a student participating in a Tufts On-Campus Interview or a Virtual Interview through Handshake, you agree to the following guidelines and policies:

  • I understand that by submitting materials through the Handshake system, I give the Tufts Career Center permission to forward my resume and supporting materials to employers for consideration of employment.
  • I understand that the Tufts Career Center reserves the right to remove poor quality resumes and letters before sending them to an employer without notifying me ahead of time. I understand that it is strongly recommended that I have my resume and letter critiqued by a Career Advisor before submission.
  • I confirm that all information I provide through resumes, letters, transcripts, and in interviews is factual and truthful. Misinformation is considered unethical behavior and is cause for revocation of recruiting privileges and possible disciplinary action by the Dean of Students Office–Community Standards Examples of misrepresentation include GPA inflation, as well as other types of misrepresentation.
  • Once I accept an interview with an employer and sign up for an interview time, I am required to take the interview or cancel in advance (24 hours’ notice if possible). Failure to provide notice for an interview cancellation will be viewed as a no-show, and my access to the recruiting program may be suspended. Reinstatement into the program is at the discretion of the Career Center Executive Director or their designee. Multiple interview no-shows will result in the termination of recruiting program privileges. If I need to cancel an interview at any point, I will do this by contacting the employer and/or the Career Center (617-627-3299 or as soon as possible.

Reneging on Job Offers

It is unacceptable for Tufts students to accept an offer from an employer and then decline the offer. It damages the relationship between the employer and Tufts University and may have a negative impact on future full-time and internship opportunities for fellow Tufts students. If you are having difficulty making a decision about an offer, we encourage you to discuss your situation with a Career Advisor prior to making a decision.  If the Career Center is notified of a reneged offer, the student will be required to meet with the Career Center Executive Director or a designee, and repercussions may include the loss of Handshake access and other recruitment privileges offered through the Career Center.

Insurance Coverage for Internships

For activities directly related to the approved internship, Tufts covers students registered for a Career Center Internship Credit with commercial general liability insurance coverage while working at the internship site. This insurance coverage extends only to actively enrolled Tufts University students earning Career Center Internship Credit for either the duration of their internship or from the beginning of the internship (upon receipt of completed registration form) until the end date submitted on the student’s registration form. Tufts students are not eligible for worker’s compensation insurance coverage through Tufts University.

COVID Disclaimer for Students

Tufts encourages students to discuss shared expectations with a potential internship site before they begin their internships, to confirm if they will be working remote, in-person or hybrid, and to understand the COVID protocols for each opportunity they chose to pursue, including the following:

  • Tufts expects internship sites to follow all available public health guidance and protocols from state and health authorities and to take appropriate precautions to prioritize the health and safety of all participants, including by implementing infection-control measures such as requiring face coverings and social distancing in all internship locations where students might be placed.
  • Tufts expects students to follow the University’s policies and guidelines around infection control and, where appropriate, to comply with additional precautions that may apply at the internship site.

Tufts does not control or operate external placement sites and cannot advise students or employers on state or federally mandated COVID protocols.  However, if students have concerns regarding their health, they are encouraged to use resources available through Tufts COVID webpage: