Social Media Guidelines

Social media is a fun medium for joking around and posting funny pictures. However, taken out of context, your posts could create the wrong impression with a potential employer. Follow these social media tips to keep your private life separate from your professional life.

5 Tips for a Social Media Savvy Job Search

1. Check your privacy settings

  • On Facebook go through individual privacy settings
  • On Twitter, if you’re using it “for fun” make your profile protected

2. Curate your photos

  • Take time to go through all your photos and ask yourself if you would want a recruiter or potential employer to see that.
  • Remember that on Facebook, your cover photo is always visible to anyone who visits your page, no matter what privacy setting you choose.

3. Google yourself

  • See what others can see, and make sure it’s what you want them to find.
  • Set up a Google alert on your name so you know what is associated with it.

4. Go public with your interests

  • Use Twitter to post articles and connect with individuals in your area of interest, particularly if related to your desired career.
  • Post your thoughts, ideas, and research about your area of interest.

5. Be ready to stand behind your opinions.

  • If you choose to post controversial political statements or engage in debates, be ready to stand behind your ideas.
  • Before you name names in an accusing post, remember that your remark will become part of a permanent record. Check your facts before you post!