Virtual Career Fair Resources for Students

This Spring 2024 season we will be hosting two career fairs: a virtual fair and an in-person fair. Please see the following resources to help you succeed and stand out at our virtual Biotech & Life Sciences Fair!

Key Resources:

Recorded Workshops:

Handshake Resources:


Q: How many 1:1 and Group Session can I attend?
A: You can sign up for as many non-overlapping sessions as your schedule allows! For 1:1s you may need to meet the employer’s set qualifications.

Q: What can be used as qualifiers for the employer 1:1 sessions?
A: Qualifiers that employers can set are: Major, School Year, GPA, and Work Authorization. Please make sure all of these are up-to-date and accurate in Handshake! If you feel GPA and School Year are inaccurate, please reach out to the Registrar to get this fixed.

Q: Do I have to register for the fair and build my schedule prior to the start of the event?
A: While technically not required, we do highly encourage you to register and create your schedule prior to the start of the fair. Both Group Session and 1:1s are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you will find the most employer availability prior to the start of the fair. If you are not finding availability with a specific employer keep checking back! They can add additional sessions up until the start of the event. However, if you do not register or build your schedule before the fair you will still be able to do so during the event. You can join day-of and add sessions should there be availability.

Q: Does my profile need to be public to attend?
A: Yes, in order to participate in Group Session and 1:1s you will need your profile visibility set to Community.

Q: How early should I join my sessions?
A: For both 1:1s and Group Sessions, join a minute early if you can. If not, joining at the start is perfectly fine if you are coming from another session. Do not arrive late.

Q: Can I access the fair on any web browser?
A: No, you will need to use the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome to have a successful fair.

Q: What do I do if an employer doesn’t show up to my session?
A: Don’t panic! It’s possible the employer is running late or having tech issues. You can message them directly through Handshake, and we recommend letting a Career Center representative know if the representative never show up for the session. Most likely there will be an opportunity to reschedule with the employer, either later that same day or at another time following the event.

[NO-SHOW POLICY]: As a policy, we ask that students who no longer wish to meet with an employer they have a scheduled 1-on-1 with give notice and cancel prior to the start of the fair. This is as a courtesy to the employer and to other students who would be interested in filling the slot. If the fair has started, we kindly ask that you keep your commitment as a representation of not only yourself, but the Tufts community.

*No-shows may result in a loss of access to all Handshake functionality*

Read our Recruitment Policies for Students for the Tufts Career Center no-show policy regarding interviews, info about reneging on jobs, insurance coverage for internships, COVID disclaimers, and more.