The Future of Journalism – Alumni Panel

When you think about the breaking news, what comes to mind — newspapers, or newsfeeds? Primetime or podcasts? Have you ever wondered how topics are selected in Forbes, or the decision behind what’s highlighted on ABC, FOX, or MSNBC?

Hear the lead straight from the source as we explore the Future of Journalism. The rundown includes discussions with alumni leaders across the fields of media and journalism, highlighting our evolution in news consumption, changes in the industry, and our expanding concept of media — what’s important, what gets covered, and why?

Moderator: Kirit Radia, A05 Sr. Assignment Editor, International News, ABC News


  • Mike Del Moro, A11 Booking Producer, MSNBC’s Morning
  • Joe Noah Kirsch, A15 Staff Writer, Forbes Magazine
  • Queenette Karikari, A10 Producer, Fox News