Tips for Selecting Law Schools

Determining where to apply to law school can be perplexing. Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on what you have to offer the law school. This can feed into unfounded anxiety about your  GPAs or LSAT scores and make the law school selection process a nightmare.

Think about what matters most to you in a law school. Your criteria might include:

  • Certain parts of the country
  • Student demographics
  • Tuition and cost of living
  • Faculty and research
  • Quality of teaching
  • Student activities and satisfaction
  • Career Center support and other resources for students

Make lists of schools that are most appealing based on these criteria. Then you might begin to look at how schools are rated and ranked. Visit web sites and look at placement data. With some of these considerations, your list is guaranteed to produce interesting options well beyond the schools you could and could not get into.

Resources for Your Search

By Dovie King
Dovie King Pre-Law Advisor