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Answers from Career Advisors … How can I stay in touch with networking contacts (a.k.a. interesting people) without seeming insincere?

It can be difficult to come up with reasons to email — beyond simply saying hello — but here are some things to consider:

A thank you.  It’s always nice to say “thanks again for talking with me” or “thanks …

By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor Susannah Krenn
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Internship Spotlight: Jewish Vocational Services (JVS)

Current Tufts student Ariel Derby shared the following about being a Summer Intern at Jewish Vocational Services (JVS) 

What did you do as an intern at this organization?
I served as an Assistant Career Coach for immigrants and refugees. In …

By Sheryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg Assistant Director Sheryl Rosenberg
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Jumbos4Jumbos is Launching Winter Break Opportunities: December 23rd – January 18, 2022

New this year: Jumbos4Jumbos is launching our project-based opportunities during our upcoming Winter Break from December 23rd – January 18, 2022.   Students should apply to these opportunities now by submitting a resume and cover letter to the alumni that submitted …

By Sue Atkins
Sue Atkins Associate Director, Employer Relations Sue Atkins
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Want to Consider Options Beyond Full-Time Jobs? Pursuing Fellowships after Graduation

As Jumbos consider how their majors relate to the world of work beyond Tufts, it can be confusing to map out a timeline when you are trying to focus on classes and activities for the semester. For some students, you …

By Malakia Silcott
Malakia Silcott Assistant Director Malakia Silcott
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What You Need to Know About AmeriCorps

What is AmeriCorps? AmeriCorps is an umbrella program funded by the federal government that pays stipends to young workers in order to provide non-profits, schools, public agencies, and  community groups with the support they need to continue and develop their …

By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor Susannah Krenn
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How to Read a Job Description the Right Way—So You Can Stop Sending Resumes Into the Void

When’s the last time you read a job description? If you’re currently job hunting, your immediate answer might be something like “last night” or “a few minutes ago.” But ask yourself: When’s the last time you really read a job …

By Regina Borsellino - The Muse
The Muse
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