Meet the Team

Alicia Abdulrazzaq

Assistant Director, School of Engineering Graduate Co-op Advising

I recently joined the Tufts Career Center team, and my role focuses on advising graduate engineering students, particularly those participating in the newly established Graduate Cooperative Education Program.  I am dedicated to guiding students in their co-op job search, ensuring they are successful in their co-ops and facilitating the overall success of the Graduate Co-op Program. I truly believe in the transformative power of experiential learning. By allowing students to apply the competencies learned from their academics to the workplace, students can develop in environments that are conducive to personal and professional growth.

I am coming to Tufts with experience in higher education, cooperative education, public K-12 schools, start-ups, federally funded programs, and mental health rehabilitation programs. While holding my two credentials as a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Certified Career Counselor (CCC), I’ve dedicated my professional career in guiding college students, career changers, and international populations in navigating and succeeding in STEM industries. I am eager to meet and help Tufts students become career ready through cooperative education and experiential learning!

Most interesting/unique job: When I was studying in graduate school, I was working 4 jobs at once! I was a graduate assistant, a barista, an overnight resident assistant at a rehab (we were allowed to sleep), and an on-call home aide for older adults (although I rarely got called in). I would not recommend that anyone work this many jobs at once – especially if you are in graduate school! To no one’s surprise, I ended up getting burnt out and had to quit some of them. I’m glad that work-life balance is something most strive for today, and that as career experts we can bring this topic up in conversation as it relates to our career values.