Internship Spotlight: Girls Who Invest & Morgan Stanley

Tufts junior Olivia Parra shared the following about the Girls Who Invest program and her internship with Morgan Stanley…

Tell us about your experience with Girls Who Invest. What was the application/internship matching process like and what did you learn?
Girls Who Invest is an amazing program that I am very grateful to have been a part of. It’s an intensive program that consists of taking classes on campus at UPenn for a month, followed by a 7-week internship at an asset management firm. GWI provided me with a great foundation to go into my internship as they taught classes and held speaker events on a range of topics from technical skills, investment concepts, and professional skill building. While I learned a lot from being a part of this program and from my internship, the community and support they offer is equally as important.

I applied early to this program last year and spoke to a few alumni to have an idea of what to expect. The application is not too intensive—it consists of some supplemental questions and a video introduction. I think GWI is trying to find girls who are motivated to learn and grow during this program and also stand for the values and effort behind this community.

What were your favorite parts about and biggest takeaways from your internship with Morgan Stanley?
One of my favorite aspects of the internship was being able to apply what I had learned during the previous month to real world projects that added value to the company. This experience deepened my understanding of the different roles within finance and showed me the importance of what I was learning and how it could be applied. One of my other favorite parts was the relationships I made, both with the other interns and mentors I found while working there. The culture of my firm was really amazing, and they emphasized many times that they wanted us to learn as much as we could while we were there; it showed they really prioritized investing in their interns and their growth.

What advice would you give fellow students looking to get into finance and considering Girls Who Invest?
For anyone considering GWI, if they are genuinely interested in finance, and willing to commit to learning in an intensive program, I think they should definitely apply. GWI opens so many doors, offers many connections with other women in your position and allows you to meet with business professionals and professors. GWI has helped me break into the finance world and given me such an amazing foundation and community to continue to build on.

About the Organization

Girls Who Invest

Girls Who Invest is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in portfolio management and executive leadership in the investment management industry. Girls Who Invest offers two tuition-free education programs for undergraduate students enrolled in or transferring to a four-year U.S. or U.S.-style college or university.


Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a leading global investment bank and wealth management firm, employing more than 82,000 people worldwide. The company makes money primarily from three segments called Institutional securities, Wealth Management, and Investment Management.

By Karen Dankers
Karen Dankers Associate Director, Director of Tufts Finance Initiative