The Herd

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The Herd is Tufts’ mentoring and networking space for students and alumni in the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Read The Herd Community Guidelines/Policies for Students, Alumni, Faculty/Staff, and Non-Alumni Mentors

Information for …

  • Students

    In The Herd, students can …

    • Connect with Tufts alumni for short career conversations
    • Post questions and engage in discussions in Industry & Diverse Identity Groups
    • Participate in Pathways to gain career development skills. Topics include: The Art of Informational Interviews and Preparing for & Succeeding in a Job Interview
    • Discover career paths
    • Look for organizations and types of jobs where Tufts alumni are employed
    • Complete short-term projects hosted by Tufts alumni over summer and/or winter break through the Jumbos 4 Jumbos Program
    • Participate in a pilot mentorship program

    Student Registration — PDF Guide

    Student Profile & Preferences — PDF Guide

  • Alumni

    In The Herd, alumni can connect with other alumni, receive connection messages and meeting requests from current students, and post content in Industry & Diversity Identity Groups.

  • Faculty/Staff

    Staff and faculty can join The Herd, receive messages from students and alumni, and post content in Industry & Diversity Identity Groups.

    Faculty/Staff Registration — PDF Guide

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