Navigating “Best Of” Lists of Employers

If you have spent any time on Handshake, you know there are tons of employers across the country looking for talent. Want to explore opportunities but not sure where to start? Several organizations, including Forbes and the Human Rights Campaign, regularly publish “Best Of” lists that highlight companies who are excelling in various areas or are highly rated in employee satisfaction by their staff.

Check out some of these “Best Of” lists below to hone in on companies that might be a good match for you. Then look them up on Handshake – they could have openings that are a perfect fit!

Curious how companies make it onto these lists? Most organizations are transparent about their methodology, though you can also read here for more insight into the typical processes. Keep in mind that some companies are required to apply for consideration.


B Corps are for-profit companies that meet the highest levels of standards for social & environmental performance, and accountability in terms of profit & purpose, & transparency. Transparency can include things like sourcing, ingredients, & labor. B Corps have a social responsibility to focus beyond just profit. They contribute to the global movement of people using businesses & their hard earners dollars towards driving change within a specific industry while creating a variety of positive impacts throughout the United States & other countries. There are approximately 6,000 certified B Corps across 80 countries, in 150 industries.

These Companies Recently Obtained B Corp Certifications

The list below shares 25 B Corporations to support in 2023 if you’re into clean living, non-toxic beauty, & a variety of health food brands who are committed to driving change & using business as a force for good:

25 of The Best B Corporations to Support in 2023

LGBTQ+ Friendly Workplaces

Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies, practices and benefits pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer employees. The list below rates workspaces on equality and inclusion LGBTQ+ employees.

Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index 2023-2024

Note: Although the Human Rights Campaign, the largest civil rights organization in the United States, claims to advocate for LGBTQ equality and to educate people about LGBTQ issues, many members of the queer and trans community take issue with the organization, citing issues such as lack of diversity, racial bias, and exclusion of the trans community ( Kate Raphael, a longtime organizer with Lesbians And Gays Against Intervention, a queer radical collective in the Bay Area, has noted that the guide is not in fact a human rights record because the only metrics analyzed are those such as gay people in management, or domestic partner benefits. From this, it can be argued that the guide is perhaps not all-inclusive and comprehensive enough to benefit everyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ ( 

Q+ Equality Foundation is another great resource for finding inclusive opportunities. Their mission is to “passionately inspire organizations to showcase their dedication to inclusivity, sparking transformative change that morph workplaces into diverse, welcoming, and equitable environments. These vibrant workplaces create thrilling opportunities for young talent to flourish, celebrating their unique identities with joy and acceptance.” Employers can get designated as a “Q+ Workplace” to demonstrate their support for LGBTQ+ talent and be featured on the foundation’s job board.


This collection of small, medium and large companies was produced in partnership with the Palm Beach Gardens, Florida-based BPI. The data used to compile this list explores metrics such as how many benefits employers provide—401(k) plans, medical benefits, etc., as well as more qualitative data on how employees feel about their bosses. The list seeks to ask the question: Do workers truly love and feel in sync with the company they work for?

To compile the list, more than 1.4 million employees were surveyed at businesses ranging in size from 50 employees to more than 10,000; some 450 companies were accepted to apply for certification as a “Most Loved Workplace” and nearly 300 made the cut. The top 100 among them were chosen based on a variety of factors that BPI’s research has revealed are most important to employee satisfaction. The criteria included, for example: Is collaboration and teamwork important? Are there opportunities for advancement? Is the company a good citizen or does it just pretend to be for public relations purposes? (

Newsweek’s 100 Most Loved Workplaces 2023


Forbes posts round ups of employers in an array of categories each year – see below for some 2023 lists. Read through the attached articles for details on methodology and summaries of findings.

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