Working Abroad: International Fellowships

Interested in working abroad?

One great way of making that happen is by applying for Fellowships! Now is a great time to explore this option. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list below. This list is not all encompassing, but it does provide an overview of the top programs and potential pros and cons. Visit here for more fellowships of interest.

  • Peace Corps is the largest and most well-known IDEV (International Development) fellowship program, with 7,000 participants per year. The placement is quite intense, lasting a bit over two years. Application deadline is rolling, but it often takes almost a year to get through the full application process and training.
  • Princeton in Latin America, Princeton in Africa, and Princeton in Asia are three linked but distinct fellowships. They directly place you with an NGO abroad to do substantive work for a year. Note that the program has an extensive application process with late fall/winter deadlines and typically requires an application fee.
  • The Fulbright Program is very reputable for those interested in teaching English abroad or conducting a research project. These programs are either one or two years with application deadlines typically in the late summer or early fall of senior year.
  • International Jesuit Volunteer Corps is a two-year intensive placement program with a predominant focus on Latin America. The intentional community often means not traveling home much, if at all, and typically requires fundraising as part of participation.
  • Global Health Corps is a 13-month placement program in Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, or Zambia. Because it is not just targeted towards recent college grads and there are only ~100 spots per year, this program is particularly competitive.
  • VIA Global Community Fellowship is a 13 month placement with an organization in Asia focused on youth education or community development. Deadline is typically in the Fall.
  • Leland International Hunger Fellowship is a two year international placement program focused on global agriculture and nutrition access.