Grad Students: Job Search in Academia

Your advisors, faculty, and other mentors in your discipline are key supports in your academic job search. The Career Center is also available to work with you as you assemble application materials, search and apply for positions, prepare for interviews and make decisions about options. Use the following to help you move forward.

Starting Your Search: Articles and Academic Job Search Guides

Print resources:

  • The Academic Job Search Handbook by Julie Miller Vick, Jennifer S. Furlong and Rosanne Lurie (University of Pennsylvania Press 2016)
  • Next Gen PhD, A guide to Career Paths in Science by Melanie V. Sinche (Harvard University Press 2016)

CVs and Cover Letters

Teaching Philosophies & Research Statements, Preparing a Teaching Portfolio

Job Search Tips and Listings

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​The Chronicle of Higher Education offers valuable advice for the academic job seeker. Consult the following articles and search by by keyword for more advice.

​Evaluating and Negotiating Job Offers