Jumbos4Jumbos – Student FAQ

This 2024 summer program of Jumbos4Jumbos will run from June 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024. 

Jumbos4Jumbos is a program connecting undergraduate students to short term, experiential projects hosted by alums who want to give back. Through this initiative, students have the opportunity to gain career readiness skills through participation in virtual projects/micro-internships/gigs that are overseen by Tufts alums. The projects are available to undergraduates across the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. We primarily offer Jumbos4Jumbos projects during winter break (December/January) and summer break (May through August), though project durations may vary. Alums are continually adding more opportunities that range in duration, time commitment, and type of work, so check back often to find the right project for you!

How to apply:

You will find these opportunities in The Herd under “Projects.” The Herd is our mentoring and networking platform for alums & student. If you haven’t signed on before, you can create an account with your SSO and gain access to our alum mentoring community in addition to accessing the Jumbos4Jumbos projects.

To see available projects, navigate to the “Career” tab in the top left corner and select “Projects” from the dropdown. To apply for a project, click the “Apply Now” button at the top of the posting. If the project owner is interested in considering you for their project, they will reach out. They may request a cover letter and resume as part of your application.

Remember, if you choose to apply and are selected for a project, it is not only a representation of yourself, but of the entire Tufts student community. Please follow through on your commitment. Put care and consideration into your work, including submitting a professional application (take a look at our website for guidance on creating a professional cover letter and resume).  

Compiled below are answers to commonly asked questions surrounding Jumbos4Jumbos projects.

  • Who is eligible to apply for Jumbos4Jumbos opportunities?
    You must be a current Tufts student to apply for a Jumbos4Jumbos project. Seniors that are graduating in May cannot participate in summer projects taking place after graduation.  December graduates are able to participate in the program over the summer prior to their graduation, but not in winter programs after they complete their degree programs.
  • What kinds of projects can I expect to see in Jumbos4Jumbos?

    Projects vary widely in topic and scope. Past projects have included:

    • Helping a self-published author translate her book into a different language
    • Researching colleges for a comedian to visit for shows
    • Creating a marketing plan for a healthcare startup
    • Performing an SEO analysis for a data & analytics company
    • And many more!

    To see what projects are currently available, check out the Projects page on The Herd.

  • Are the Jumbos4Jumbos projects paid?

    Some of the opportunities may be paid, while others are unpaid. Be sure to read the project description thoroughly; it will be denoted on the project page whether the opportunity is paid or unpaid. Regardless of monetary objectives, all projects should have the following:

    • Industry related and soft skill development
    • Clear expectations and supervisor feedback throughout the project
    • A substantive professional experience with minimal administrative work (if any)
    • Promotion of academic, career, and/or personal development
  • How long is a Jumbos4Jumbos project commitment?
    Projects can last anywhere between a few hours for a week to several weeks or even a months-long commitment. Read the opportunity thoroughly to make sure you understand what is expected of you and your time before applying and/or committing to a project.
  • What is expected of me if I am selected for a Jumbos4Jumbos project?
    If you are selected/hired for an alum-sponsored project, you are expected to see the project through to completion. What is expected of you will be detailed in the project description, so prior to applying, make sure you are willing and able to accomplish what is being asked for in the project. If you have questions about the project expectations, you can connect with the alum who is leading the project to get more information.
  • Can I apply to and accept more than one project at a time?
    We recommend that you be selective of the projects for which you submit an application. Although you can apply to and participate in as many projects as you would like, we recommend that you only apply and commit to opportunities that you have the bandwidth and capability to take on.
  • Can I receive academic credit for completing a project?
    If the project is short-term (less than a semester), it is unlikely that you will be able to receive academic credit for completion. If the project is at least a semester long, consult with your academic department to see if it would be eligible to receive academic credit.  Your department will specify the number of hours and academic components that must be present in order for credits to be determined.
  • Can I participate in a Jumbos4Jumbos project if I am an international student?
    International students engaged in off-campus training experiences may be required to obtain curricular practical training authorization from the International Center. For more information, go to https://icenter.tufts.edu/f1/f1-cpt or contact an international student advisor directly at internationalcenter@tufts.edu.
  • What if I can no longer follow through on my commitment to a Jumbos4Jumbos project?

    If you are hired for and accept a project, you are expected to follow through on the commitment. Your ability to follow through is not only a reflection of yourself, but your student peers as well. In addition, in accepting a project you are taking an opportunity that another student could be willing and able to complete.

    We expect that you are fully aware of the commitment and what it is asking for in terms of time and ability, and that you only commit to projects you are confident you can complete.

    If for some reason the expectations were not made clear when you accepted the opportunity, or if the expectations have drastically changed since you committed, please reach out to our Sue Atkins, Associate Director, Employer Relations at susan.atkins@tufts.edu.

  • How should I reflect my Jumbos4Jumbos project experience on my resume?

    It depends! Because every project is unique, there is no one “right” way to showcase the experience on your resume. We recommend dropping into a Career Lab or making an appointment with an advisor to talk about how to best present your project experience on your resume, Handshake profile, and LinkedIn to help you stand out as a candidate for future opportunities.

If you have any additional questions you can always reach out to the Career Center for help! Please reach out to Willa Mayo, Recruitment Coordinator, Employer Relations at willa.mayo@tufts.edu.