From Here to There: A Podcast with the Career Fellows

How did they get from here, to there? Career Fellows talk to Tufts alumni about their career journeys, how they made decisions, what they did when things didn’t go as planned, and lessons learned along the way.

Episode 3 – Esther Kim ’15

Esther Kim is an alum from the class of 2015. She graduated with majors in American Studies and Child Studies & Human Development and now works as a high school counselor at Lexington High school. In this episode, she describes her counseling role, transformational education experiences that encouraged her to work in education, and her wish to empower students and young people especially through doing community-based work.


Episode 2 – Ralfi Salhon ’20

In this episode, we are joined by Ralfi Salhon, who graduated in the class of 2020 and was an international student from Turkey. He majored in computer science at Tufts and now works as a front-end developer at Talos Trading. We discuss Ralfi’s advice for setting oneself up for success as an international student doing job search, doing personal projects as a useful way to develop technical skills, and tips to embolden listeners when interviewing and networking.


Episode 1 – Zach Merchant ’17

In our first episode, we are joined by Zach Merchant from the class of 2017. Zach majored in political science at Tufts and is now working as a reporter at WUSA9 while also attending law school at Georgetown. While a student at Tufts, Zach served as the president of 180 Consulting and worked towards a career in consulting until he changed course during his junior year. In this episode, Zach tells us about his transition from consulting to journalism, the resources he utilized to find opportunities, and mentors that supported him.

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