Career Center Summer Internship Grant Program

Internships. An opportunity to gain exposure, explore and try ideas for your future, apply theory from the classroom out in the world, get hands-on experience, and build skills. All things that add up to your overall career readiness.

Unfortunately, many internships in the U.S. are unpaid (even more within social or nonprofit sectors), which can make it challenging to take advantage of internship opportunities.

The good news: There are many ways to gain career-related experience, and internships represent just one option. Students also have opportunities to engage in research, pursue volunteer projects, participate in clubs, and more — all of which can help with career decision-making and strengthen one’s resume. Talk to a career advisor to brainstorm ways to gain experience in career fields that interest you.

More good news: Each summer the Tufts Career Center is able to fund 45-50 undergraduate students doing unpaid internships. These funds offer students the opportunity to explore career fields and gain experience. Selected students receive $4,500.

Read More Below and Access the Complete Summer Internship Grant Information Here

  • Program Overview
    The Summer Internship Grant Program supports students through funding, materials, resources and support before, during, and after their summer internships, with a goal of helping students prepare for, and thrive, during their summer experience. During the program, students will attend a pre-internship orientation, receive biweekly newsletters, participate in career advising, conduct informational interviews, update their resumes, participate in supervision, and engage in formal reflection.
  • Learning Outcomes
    Career Exploration: Reflect on and explore interests, values, strengths and skills in the workplace
    Liberal Arts Skills: Build essential competencies including critical thinking, problem solving, oral/written communication, collaboration, and leadership
    Intercultural Fluency: Increase cultural competence by engaging productively in a work environment with others from diverse cultures, races, ages, genders, sexual identities, and religions
    Connections and Community: Gain exposure to, and build connections with, a variety of working professionals who share professional interests
    Career Management: Continue gaining clarity on desired career goals and become able to identify areas for necessary professional growth and opportunities in the workplace
  • Requirements for Eligibility

    Internship must be secured at the time of application (offer letter will be submitted as part of the application)

    Who is eligible to apply?

    • Students may receive a Career Center internship grant only once
    • Student may not receive funding from any another Tufts affiliated program during the same summer (For example: Laidlaw, Summer Scholars, Tisch Summer Fellow, Anne E. Borghesani Memorial Prize, Ir Research Scholars, Lily Glidden Award, Polly Thayer Starr, etc.)
    • All applicants must be in good standing with the university, currently enrolled with an intent to enroll for the following semester (graduating seniors or seniors entering into the graduate portion of a combined program are ineligible).
    • Students can be funded for internship opportunities both within the U.S. and Internationally. All funding for international opportunities outside the U.S. are subject to adherence with the university’s travel policy and approval of travel review.
    • International students selected to receive a grant for an internship must apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through the Tufts International Center.

    To be eligible for a grant, your internship must meet the following criteria:

    • Internship must be full time, totaling 300 hours, and completed by Aug 31. Independent and unsupervised internships will not be considered; students must be interning for a host organization
    • Internship must be unpaid (you may receive up to $1,500 from the host organization and still be eligible)
    • Internship must include formal supervision by professional at host site is provided to intern (at least once a week). Family members may not be supervisors
    • Internship must be a new experience or position. If you’ve previously worked at the same site for which you are currently applying for funding, you must clearly explain how the responsibilities of this new internship position are significantly different from your previous position.

    The following experiences are NOT eligible for grant funding:

    • Internships or research opportunities with Tufts University AS&E Faculty are not eligible. Students can apply for funding if they are doing research for Non-AS&E professors (Professors working at other Tufts schools/colleges  — Medical, Nutrition, Fletcher, etc. — and not teaching undergraduate courses). See Summer Scholars Program for Tufts affiliated research opportunities.
    • Internships involved in direct proselytizing for religious work (i.e. conversion to a religion, sect, or denomination) cannot be funded.
    • Any international or domestic internship program where the participant is asked to Pay-to-participate, will not be funded.
    • Host organization cannot be owned or run by a member of intern’s immediate family.
  • Previous Recipients

    Ariel Derby ’23 Summer Intern at Jewish Vocational Services (JVS)

    Max Miller ’22 Summer Intern at ADL New England

    Sophia Hill ’23 Summer Intern at the International Spy Museum

    Yassi Khorsandian ’22 Summer Intern at the Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine

    Jaidyn Appel ’23 Summer Intern with Coalition for Social Justice

    Students have also interned at:

    • Rampo for Children
    • Harvard Medical School
    • Greater Grove Hall Main Streets
    • Wayside Youth and Family Support Network
    • Tanzania Students’ Achievement Organization (TanSAO)
    • Molecular Cardiology Research Institute
    • Innovations for Poverty Action Lab
    • Fire Immigrant Rights LLC
    • Tufts University School of Medicine
    • Environment America
    • Groundwork Somerville
    • Boston Children’s Hospital
    • Three Ring Ranch Exotic Animal Sanctuary
    • Sports Diplomacy Division at the United States Department of State
    • Middlesex District Attorney’s Office
    • Camp Baker
    • Breakthrough Collaborative
    • & more!!
  • Application and Decision Timeline (2024)
    • January 17: Application opens
    • March 17: Application deadline
    • April 5: Decisions made
  • Application Instructions

    In addition to the application form, you must also submit:

    An offer letter on company/organization letterhead that includes:
    – Confirmation of your position and title
    – Commitment to a minimum of 300 hours
    – Confirmation of remote/in-person/hybrid status of the internship
    – Anticipated start/ends dates
    – Frequency of supervision (how often will intern meet with supervisor)
    Unofficial Transcripts
    Completed travel review (if you are applying to an opportunity that would take place outside the U.S.)