Employer Partners & Sponsorships

2021-2022 Employer Partner Programs

In an effort to work strategically with select employers, we are excited to announce our three employer partner programs. For more information, to follow-up on any questions, or to sign up please contact Sue Atkins, Associate Director, Employer Relations.

Sponsorships: Supporting Tufts Students

If interested in supporting any of these initiatives, please contact Sue Atkins, Associate Director, Employer Relations.

Internship Grant Awards ($4,000/per award)

93% of graduates from the Tufts Class of 2020 completed at least one internship during their time on campus (80% completed two or more). In several industries it is still the practice to offer unpaid internships, which creates barriers for a number of Tufts students. The Career Center funds over 50 undergraduate students each summer doing unpaid internships for a minimum of 350 hours. These funds offer students the opportunity to explore career fields and gain experience. Selected students will receive $4,000. Consider supporting one or more students participating in unpaid internships.

Professional Development Fund ($2,500, multiple sponsors)

The Tufts Career Center is proud to offer a Professional Development Fund for undergraduate students. We have a fund that offers a limited number of $200 awards that go towards purchasing professional attire. Our primary focus is to support students who demonstrate high-financial need. This stipend is a step toward Jumbos gaining the skills and preparedness to launch successful careers.

Sponsorships: Supporting Tufts Alumni

For more information on this opportunity, please contact Nicole Anderson, Associate Director, Tufts Alumni Career Services.

Professional Development Fund for Alumni

The Tufts University Alumni Association supports alumni professional development.  An average award of $500 is available to Jumbos looking to pursue career growth through conference registration, membership dues, certifications, training, and other activities.