Internship Spotlight: International Spy Museum

Current Tufts student Sophia Hill shared the following about being a Summer Intern at the International Spy Museum …

What did you do as an intern at this organization?
I did a wide variety of projects as a Communications intern at the International Spy Museum. I researched competitors and proposed improvements for the museum’s podcast, advertisements, and monetized digital content. I interviewed board members and suggested strategies on how to improve their engagement with the museum’s social media. I analyzed the museum’s existing Google Ads, proposed improvements, and set up new ads in English and Spanish. I researched new dates and facts for the museum’s This Day in Espionage History social media content. I conducted a review of guest interaction with the museum’s website using HotJar and suggested improvements. I edited the museum’s Wikipedia page to help increase engagement and connections with the website. Additional projects included phone calls with members and email list growth research.

How did you find this internship?
I live in the Washington D.C. area and was able to get in touch with someone who works on the board of the Spy Museum.

What did you enjoy most about your internship?
I worked closely with the six women from the Communications department, and I enjoyed getting to know them as a team and individually. I also had the opportunity to work with other departments such as Membership and Youth Education through meetings and specific projects, which allowed me to get a good sense of the internal museum structure.

What did you find challenging?
My internship was virtual, which made it more challenging to connect with my co-workers and ask quick questions in an office setting. I was fortunate to be on a team that was incredibly responsive through email and virtual meetings, which allowed me to successfully complete my tasks.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to make the most of an internship like yours?
Take initiative and seek out projects that you would personally benefit from. Though I worked closely with my team, a lot of my projects were independent. To get the most out of my internship, I worked on projects that I found interesting and helped expand my skillset.

About the Organization

International Spy Museum

The Museum’s mission is to educate the public about espionage and intelligence in an engaging way. It provides a context for understanding the important role intelligence has played in history and continues to play today.

By Sheryl Rosenberg
Sheryl Rosenberg Associate Director