Beyond Tufts — Spring 2024

Seniors, this series has been designed especially for you! Whether you have secured a position or are exploring opportunities and identifying ways to advance your career goals during this semester, there is something for everyone!  Read the descriptions below and visit the links to RSVP in Handshake. 

Note: While this series has been designed with seniors in mind, undergraduate and graduate students of all class years are welcome to attend.

Beyond Tufts: Finding Employers That Align With Your Values – Thursday, March 7, 12 PM, Dowling 745A

Listen to an employer panel that will share perspectives on how students can research and find organizations that value what they value. Learn how to customize your internship and job search criteria to find organizations that are right for YOU! In today’s global environment, organizations must respond to the changing demographics of interns and new graduates who bring diverse backgrounds, focus on corporate social responsibility, and a passion for making change in their communities — just to name a few. There are many organizations focused on attracting diverse talent, but how do you know if an organization aligns with your personal values and goals?

Beyond Tufts: Navigating Post-College Life as an F-1 International Student — Thursday, March 7, 6 PM, Cabot 206

Anxious about life after college? We get it — being an international student adds to the stress of figuring out what comes after graduation. That’s why we’re bringing together international Tufts alumni who are now successfully living and working in the Greater Boston area. At this panel discussion, focused on the personal experiences of International Jumbos, you will get the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve been most curious about. Through discussion, you will better understand what it’s like to be a Tufts graduate in the world beyond our little campus. Co-sponsored by the International Club, Tufts International Center and Tufts Career Center.

Beyond Tufts: Navigating Uncertainty in Your Career Path After Tufts  Tuesday, March 12, 12 PM, Dowling 745A

We all need a variety of resources when faced with stressful times and uncertainty. Handling the stress of the internship and/or job search may require tools to manage anxious feelings or negative thoughts. This session will introduce a variety of skills and resources for juniors and seniors and provide an opportunity for conversation and practice. The goal is to come away with a well-being plan that you can tailor to your needs. Offered in partnership with Tufts CMHS

Beyond Tufts: Personal Finance — Fundamentals of Budgeting, Saving & Employer Benefits — Friday, March 29, 1 PM, Aidekman Arts Center – Alumnae Lounge

Would you like to have more certainty about the state of your personal finances, both in general and especially for after you graduate? You’re not alone! Chris Di Fronzo, Director of Career Services and certified financial advisor, will bring some levity to this stressful topic. In this interactive session, he will teach you about principles of money management, including how to think about budgeting & saving and how you can transition from financial dependence to financial independence as you evaluate and make decisions regarding employer benefits & more.