Hiring Timelines – Quick Poll Results

Thank you to everyone who completed our Hiring Timelines Quick Poll. We received 196 responses from employers across a variety of industry sectors.

The charts below show a breakdown of hiring timelines for both internships and full-time jobs across industries. We have categorized industries according to the naming construct for industry sectors currently used on Handshake.

Important things to note and key takeaways:

  • The values below do not represent an equal number of responses across industries (e.g. we received 35 responses from Healthcare companies and only 12 from Financial Services companies — while Healthcare companies are better represented in the 1-6 month category, for example, they are also better represented in the survey as a whole).
  • Several companies who completed the survey do not hire interns, or their internships are seasonal, have varying timelines, or are dependent on the project
  • Some employers were able to respond to the categories multiple times depending on the roles they are hiring within their organization.
  • Some government agencies require security clearances for their positions which impacts their hiring timeline
  • Some companies try to fill entry-level roles with former interns which impacts their hiring timeline
  • When hiring to refill a position after an employee departs, the timeline may need to move more quickly to find coverage for that role

The hiring for internships chart shows that we have some of the largest results in the 1–6-month category for healthcare, non-profit and education (if you combine all three areas in education). In addition, the second highest falls in the rolling basis timeline for both healthcare and non-profit sectors. The 6 month – 1 year category comes in at third as far as a top category for timelines. The results for less than 1 month or rolling basis for non-profit, healthcare education, and government. Both of these areas reflect that when these sectors are hiring they hire quickly to fill those roles since they are needed t be filled quickly. Another result was that a few sectors did list hiring would take place over a year in advance in some cases and included sectors as management consulting, electronic and computer software, healthcare, and financial services. We see a trend for hiring in these areas over 1 year in advance in some cases, so the hiring timelines occurs March for the following summer for example.

We received less data on the statistics for full-time job hiring. We see the largest areas as hiring between 1-6 months, rolling basis, and under one month. The current labor market reflects that once a role is posted, the employer’s plan to fill them as quickly as possible. Since we received less data for the full time hires and we see one employer in most of the timeframes (except for over a year and 6 months – year) it is harded to see trends across industries for these reasons.

We are still accepting responses for those of you who would like to provide data so that we can add the information to our data. If you have any questions, please email me at Susan.Atkins@tufts.edu.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this poll!

By Willa Mayo
Willa Mayo Recruiting Coordinator, Employer Relations